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Step into Spring With These Shoe Trends

 By Katelyn Chef - contributor



Slowly over the course of this past year, our daily ready-to-wear pumps, going-out stilettos, and weekend brunch mules have transitioned to the back of the closet. Nowadays, our fuzzy house slides and furry bunny slippers have taken the place of the shoes we once wore out.

However, looking at the silver lining as well as the arrival of spring, there a new seasonal trend to embrace. Who is ready to slip off those fluffy house slippers & back into our Two-Step Tuesday cowboy boots or our Friday girls’ night out shoes?

Here at Alterre Shoes, we are so ready to welcome the return of going-out shoes that we have a post filled with upcoming spring footwear trends. Like our interchangeable shoes, these trends changes are interchangeable with the seasons. Bye, slippers.


Before we dive into this year’s trends, a little background on Alterre Shoes. The company started in 2015, the concept was to create a shoe that suited the travel as well as style needs of young professionals. Alterre’s interchangeable shoe straps were born out of practicality, comfort, and style. Not only are the straps stylish, but sustainable as you can have one pair of shoes with the potential to have many different looks through the various straps and accessories. Now, a few thoughts on upcoming spring trends from one of our founders, Harmony. 


  1. What are some upcoming spring shoe trends?


 Considering the state of the world, I foresee a fast adoption for comfortable and playful workwear.  People will want to leave behind their sneakers and anything they associate with the Work From Home/Pandemic life.”


Continuing, “I also think American consumers are more conscientious about supporting small businesses that align with their personal beliefs (i.e. sustainability of people, planet, and profit). It will lead to smaller footwear companies leading the change away from fast fashion.”



  1. How are Alterre Shoes aligning their style with upcoming trends?


“I actually think we're very aligned with this Spring's feeling!  We're doing good while feeling good. We're making shoes that are perfect for ethical consumers looking for a true investment piece.  The more straps you buy, the more shoes you have while producing less waste.  I also think more women are choosing to support small female-owned businesses. Lastly, there's something fun in the air.”


Continuing, “People are out to play and gamification of the real world is here.  Our shoes are perfect for career-focused women who want to live life to the fullest.   In terms of the gaming trend, we've also just launched a custom shoe builder for people to mix and match our shoes! I've very excited about it. We also just launched our first vegan slide made from recycled denim and a vegan sandal.”


  1. What a some popular upcoming spring colors?


“There are a few trends I'm seeing. The first is a lean toward Gen Z yellow and the second is bright Blue. 


I can see non-traditional remakes of classic prints.  For example, our new vegan snake print is with pops of neon. On a secondary trend, I've been personally craving muted neutrals and browns.  I think it's this lean toward slowing down and celebrating Nature.”

Acid Snake Bell Sandal | Sandal with Interchangeable Straps | Modular Shoes | Alterre

*Our Acid Snake Bell Sandal + Marilyn (Vegan) 

  1. Which Alterre shoe styles align with the new spring trends?


“ Our new denim V slide and Acid Snake Sandal both follow the blue trend. The Denim V Slide-in particular really lends to this feeling for a slower sustainable lifestyle" says Harmony. 

Recycled Denim Slides | Sustainable Shoes | Alterre Interchangeable Shoes - Vegan Mules

*Recycled Denim V Slide + Marilyn (Vegan)

"We also have some new patent red Twiggy straps (named after the famous 60's fashion model) that are going to add fun pops to any shoe combo.” 


Agate Blue Slide + Red Gloss Twiggy
*Red Gloss Twiggy featured on our Agate Blue Slide
  1. Personal favorite upcoming spring trend?


“I hesitate to call this a trend, but I'm so excited for the trending lean toward sustainability, female empowerment, and supporting small businesses.  It's everything I represent and everything I'm passionate about. *fingers crossed it's not just a trend and a permanent adoption*

Aside from general shopping trends,  I'm also excited about pop colors and neons. I can't help but smile when I see people on the street make daring choices like a lime green blazer.”



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