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Five Ways to Be More Sustainable Around The Thanksgiving Table

Contributor: Katelyn Chef

Friend and Family sharing a festive holiday meal.

Whether you’re talking turkey or tofu-turkey, we are ready for a feast of a Thanksgiving dinner. However, with large meals come extra waste. For instance, all of the clear plastic wrap to seal the leftover pumpkin pie and foil wrappings to welcome the Martians home from space are in abundance. 


Below, we are sharing some sustainable swaps to have on hand at your holiday gathering. This way, you can feel good about eating well and know you’re doing good for the planet too!


  1. Beeswax Food Wraps: Forgoing the plastic wrap in your kitchen drawer is one way to go green this holiday season. Purchasing reusable beeswax wraps allows you to do so as you can reuse these food wraps and they come in a variety of sizes. 
  2. Glass Leftover Containers: We know. Grandma makes a mean sweet potato casserole. However, before you send granny home with her leftovers, skip the plastic food container and opt for glass. Again, we’re aiming to eliminate plastic from the kitchen and glass is a great option. Plus, unlike most plastics, glass containers don’t hold odors or stains. 
  3. Sustainable Candles: When it comes to the holidays, nothing sets the mood like a candle. In most cases, candles can be filled with toxins, parabens, and other nasties. Try looking for candles that are vegan and made with 100% non-toxic soy.  
  4. Cloth Napkins: No joke, we’re not Martha Stewart, but we are aware that cloth napkins are better than paper napkins. This Turkey Day, skip the paper naps and go for cloth. True, you have to wash them, but they’re better for our Earth and look sharp on a set table. 
  5. Eat Locally Sourced: If you can, opt to buy a fresh turkey from a local farm. Instead of buying your greens and other supporting meal elements from the big chain grocery stores, visit your local markets and farm stands. Eating food grown closer to home supports local growers and is so much healthier for you too.  

There you have it, straight from the turkey’s gobbler. Are you planning on practicing sustainability this Thanksgiving? If so, tell us on social! ###


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